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Our Practice

Atlas Orthogonal Chiropractic opened its doors in 1995. The practice has grown steadily since that time and serves an expanding population due to the uniqueness of the clinic.  Our doctors hold board certifications in the Atlas Orthogonal Technique and Advanced Proficiency ratings in Activator Methods.  Both gentle techniques are instrument based and founded upon principles of physics and math.  As an adjunctive procedure, we utilize cold laser therapy, a cutting edge non-invasive technology treating soft tissue injuries.       

In addition to offering these techniques, we believe strongly in the importance of communication and mutual respect in the patient-doctor relationship.  We want you to ask questions about your health and be honest about concerns and feelings.  It is also our desire to offer you care that is active--it always begins and ends with you and your participation is a crucial element of success.  Let's get you back to doing the things you love to do! 


The healing science and art of chiropractic is recognized as the largest non-allopathic health profession in the United States.  Patients suffering with headaches, neck and lower back pain, spinal stiffness and soreness, and extremity numbness and tingling, have commonly responded successfully to care.  Many other conditions have also improved as a consequence of improved spinal function and its impact on the entire body.  In addition, more and more families are using chiropractic as a strategy to promote health and wellness.  Parents, children and grandparents may all benefit from chiropractic care.    

Chiropractic is based on the scientific fact that the nervous system (brain and spinal cord) is the master coordinator of all bodily functions.  Your nervous system is protected by the skull and 24 movable bones of the spine.  Abnormal position of spinal bones results in nervous system dysfunction, spinal decay, and ill health.  The chiropractic approach to better health is to detect, reduce, and help prevent nervous system dysfunction.

Atlas Orthogonality is the art and science of adjusting the first cervical vertebra (Atlas) with a specific, gentle, low force percussion instrument thereby restoring the spinal vertebrae to a more normal position.  This allows for a clear pathway for spinal nerves maximizing function, mobility and health.