Headache and Chiropractic Care

Positive outcomes have been witnessed for years in chiropractic offices serving patients with headache.  Unfortunately, many people are not aware of the potential opportunity.  As described in the textbook Upper Cervical Subluxation Complex, A Review of the Chiropractic and Medical Literature, it has been estimated that 50 million headache sufferers make 50 million office visits to U.S. health care physicians.  Headaches result in approximately 150 million workdays being lost each year, with a cost to business of $57 billion annually in lost productivity and medical expenses.  Common headaches include tension-type and migraine, but there are classification systems that demonstrate dozens of different varities.  Still, much of this suffering is treated with medications that only address symptoms and not the fundamental cause.

Chiropractic’s role in health promotion is to remove obstructions to your body’s natural healing capacity. This healing capacity is coordinated by the nervous system, the master system of your body. Interference in your nervous system limits optimal function by interrupting nerve signals, distorting muscle balance and disturbing blood flow.  Headache dysfunction also correlates to this improper nerve firing, muscle tension and changes in blood supply patterns. Study of head and neck anatomy shows a direct relationship between those areas and the pain associated with a headache. 


When the vertebrae of the cervical spine are misaligned and moving improperly, the soft tissue of the area is impacted. Nerves are rubbed, pinched or compressed, muscles spasm, tighten or weaken, and blood vessels overly dilate or overly constrict. All of these mechanical changes are also pain producing. Chiropractic procedures address misalignment of the spine with the intention of restoring position and improving movement while also removing soft tissue irritation.